Message from Director Orbit IAS Academy


I welcome you to Orbit IAS Academy (ORBIT) and I am delighted that you are going to join a training program at ORBIT. Our experience in conducting these training programs for more than a decade and the wide acceptance of these programs by the industry has encouraged us to become multi-dimensional and multi-faceted in terms of our approach and objectives.

I am aware that you have joined this course, in order to help you realize your goal, we have developed a unique instructional system. This system includes learning materials and continuous feedback/assessment through assignment responses.

As most of the time during the teaching/learning process, we will be at a Face to Face, we have developed learning materials that are practical-learning in nature. In other words, you should be able to successfully complete the Programme independent of faculties. And, we have confidence in you!

Let us journey together and make the experience as rewarding as possibly we can. I wish you all success in your personal and academic endeavours.

Best Wishes, K.Rameshkumar Managing Director Orbit IAS Academy